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Post  Kurochan(69babeh) on Fri Feb 25, 2011 7:27 am

To get on the donator list, you must - obviously - donate to us. This is not a list of people who have purchased from the cash shop; it is users who have kindly and generously donated money to Kimochi Online in order to help us keep our server running and available for everyone to enjoy.

If you have donated and would like to be listed here, please PM Miki, Xai or Alyan. If you forgot to include your forum name with your paypal note when gifting, you need to message one of us and give us your paypal email you used to donate.

You can choose to display your forum name and/or one of your in-game character names, as well as the amount you donated. You can request any part of the display to be hidden; Forum name, Character name, Amount. If you choose to hide them, it will be substituted with "Hidden".

Forum name -- Character name -- Amount
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