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Post  [Dev]Chris on Mon Apr 18, 2011 2:35 am

Ok i read on the forums that we were going to Get the server up and Running bye May if that correct? Ok well im Ready Lets get this show on the role. Ill be ready with the files and everything needed for the beggining of CBT etc. (POSSIBLY) This is not a For-Sure thing. Hurry please ! Thanks

Ive Downloaded ALL Necissary files to begin the server! We now need A DEDI and a CLIENT!!! Very Happy WOOHOO!


Uh Technical Difficulties. :/ Im having trouble downloading the Technology that will Hold and sustain the server. So im going to get a DEV from the Original Fiesta to help me Ill have the game up sometime next Week for you guys This is not 100% positive. :/ Sorry ive been up a long time so far Downloading and Editing NPC names. Adding the Exp rates the Drop rates As of now im done for the night but im off to Sleep in a bit so ill work on it with another Dev tomorrow because im in a Perdicament. So yea FINGERS CROSSED! (btw guys ill probably be funding the game along with another friend but the founders WILl have complete control! of everything) Thanks guys!

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