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All about staff. Empty All about staff.

Post  Taemin on Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:41 pm


The role of an admin is to basically keep absolutely everything under control, and they have the same roles as a GM but they have a higher rank.

The role of a GM is to keep everything in-game orderly. They also host events and they have the power to ban/Jail anyone who breaks the rules.

The role of a developer is to keep the server up and running smoothly, they support the server with updates and fix whatever issues we may come across. They also have the same power's as GM's.

The role of a CSR is to seek any enquiries you may have. They're friendly and will help you as much as they can. So if you have any questions or concerns please whisper a CSR. :]

The role of a CL is mostly based around the forums. They can start forum events and they have minimum moderation of the forums. (This means they can close/lock/delete your thread if necessary)


GM's will get special powers(this includes unlimited roars), a custom forum rank and donation items for free.

Dev's will get special powers, a custom forum rank and donation items for free.

CSR's will get free roars, a custom forum rank and a Karen weapon.

CL's will get free roars and [CL] In front of their character name.

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