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Rules and Regulations. Empty Rules and Regulations.

Post  Kurochan(69babeh) on Fri Feb 25, 2011 7:15 am

Rules and Regulations.

Please mind the rules or you may risk being banned.

Forum Rules.
* ENGLISH ONLY in the forums, please. At least until we get some staff that are fluent in other languages.

* No swearing or profanity toward other members.
We aren't very strict about swearing in general, though. Just don't take things too far.

* We know what our server is named and as much as we love the pronz, we don't want our members posting it.

* Please try your best to use proper spelling and grammar.
It's okay to be derpy, but we need to be able to understand you if you need help.

* Do NOT spam. Spam is regarded as (but isn't limited to) copy paste messages, chain letters, promoting other servers, websites, forums, etc.

* Be helpful to others. If someone has a question and you know how to help them, then do it! Admins/Staff are not the only ones allowed to help people, you know! We're a community, lets work together. (:

* Don't be rude to others. If they don't understand something you think is very simple, then explain it to them. Name calling and rude remarks are not going to be tolerated.
Unless they are on the stupidity level of 'no other explanation for this besides troll'.

* Do not post claiming to be a staff member if you aren't or post other malicious content. This can subject you to an immediate ban from the forums. Ip banning is a possible course of action for continued offenders.

* Rules may be updated at any time. Be sure to check the updates section or this forum to be up to date on current rules and regulations.

Thank you for playing Kimochi Online. <3


In-Game Rules.
This applies to staff and players!

If you disagree with any of the rules posted here, I suggest you leave this server immediately.

> Glitching monsters is NOT allowed, if you are caught for the 3rd time you will be banned.

> Hacking or manipulating the client or somebody else's client in any shape or form will give you an instant IP ban so you will never be able to join the server again.

> Kill stealing is most definitely not allowed please ask permission before "helping to kill" a monster before attacking it.

> You are allowed to PK in this server.. BUT You are not allowed to SPAWN PK someone over and over again. It's unfair and you will get punished for it.

>You can use modifications BUT if it gives you any problems getting in game, do not ask us for help, that was your doing and your responsibility.

> If you are caught scamming you can be jailed for it, so don't do it.

>Harassment. We take this very seriously and if you are reported you will get 2 warnings then a permanent ban.

>Just because we hired you as a GM that does not mean you can abuse that. You can get fired.

> Do not be rude, this can include swearing at a player or upsetting them unnecessarily. Staff are also expected to be mature, helpful and kind to ALL players.

>You may not plvl with a character that has GM powers.

> You are allowed to give your alt GM items, that is it, not donation items. (That's generous enough right? :] )

>You are not allowed to PK normal players, if you have a GM item on your alt take it off before pking someone. (Or better yet don't do it all.)

> DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY ITEMS TO PLAYERS. Only players who have donated for a certain item can receive what they donated for.

> You may roar a MINIMUM amount of random roars, as long as they don't insult anyone. But don't spam roar with useless information.

>No random spawning of monsters in any area unless it is for an event.

>Do not ignore players! If they need help try to answer to the best of your ability or direct them to somebody who can.

Last but not least. Have fun. :]



(Rules will be reviewed and updated.)
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