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READ !!Important!! Empty READ !!Important!!

Post  Taemin on Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:22 am

Please do not report someone unless they have committed one of the following things:

Scamming [Jail time 48 hours+]
Spawn PK'ing [Jail time 38 hours+]
Explicit profanity [1 warning/Jail time 12 hours+]
Hacking [Instant ban]
Kill stealing (KS'ing)[2 warnings Jail time 5 hours+]
Harassment [2 Warnings/Ban]
Spam [Auto Disconnect/Ban]

Unfair actions (Such as, giving special items to players who haven't donated)[1 Warning/Ban]
Rude remarks towards players [4 Warnings/Fired]
Profanity towards players [1 warning/Fired]
PK'ing [3 warnings/Fired]
Abuse special powers [Fired]
Power levelling [2 warnings/Fired]
Ignoring players [4 Warnings/Fired]

If you happen to see a staff member or a player doing such things then please PM either me, [Admin]Miki or [Admin]Alyan using this template:

Offender name:
Description of what was done wrong:
Screenshots/Videos/Other proof:



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